Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend at the Lake in Instagram

In such a short amount of time, we have done more travelling since Penny came along than we were ever able to do before mostly in part to me not working.  Yay to summer's off! Mr. Loonie's work schedule is a 7 days/nights and 7 off cycle so in the past when I was working a 4 days and 3 off shift we would only have every second weekend off together, and only three days to do anything.  All of you who live in Fort McMurray know you need more time than that, since it takes five hours just to travel to the starting point (Edmonton) of most road trips.  So with seven days off together our destinations are endless...sort of.
The in-laws lake lot has been out prime location of vacation this year, if it wasn't Grandma Loonie would be in serious withdrawals from little miss Penny.  It works out for me too because I can have a little bit of freedom (except when Penny is hungry) to head out on the boat, sleep in and just relax!
I used my iPhone to snap away this past weekend to share this beautiful spot that Mr. Loonie has been lucky enough to spend his summers since he was a teenager.