Thursday, August 23, 2012

Immunizations and one BIG Baby

Penny went in for her 2 month immunizations this past week at the public health unit.  She got shots for a shit load of things (see record below...too lazy to type them all out!) and man was it painful for her.  She had tears!!! It was heartbreaking, she was screaming and crying and after each needle (3 in total), it just got worse! I didn't know what to do, there was no consoling her so I whipped out my boob and nursed her.  The nurse actually commended me for doing so, she said that breast milk contains oxytocin which is a natural pain reliever.  It must be true because Penny seemed to feel instant relief but the rest of the day was rough.  To say she was fussy would be an understatement; if she wasn't nursing or in her carrier out on walks (Stryker was a happy boy with all the walks) she was crying! The only winks she got in was on our walks and didn't fall asleep till around 11pm.  The next morning was a different story as she was back to her happy smiling self, thank god!!

On our visit, the nurse also did Penny's weight, height and head circumference measurements.  What I found out is that Penny is one BIG baby!! She weight 13lbs14oz which is in the 99th percentile, this means that out of 100 two month old babies, there would only be one baby who weighed more than her!  For height, she was in the 62nd percentile growing 3 inches since birth from 19.5" to 22.5".  So overall, combining height and weight she is in the 98th percentile group meaning we got one big baby on our hands.  The nurse did inform us that it is normal for exclusively breastfed babies to gain a significant amount of weight in the first few months but will taper once she becomes mobile (rolling, crawling, jumping, etc.).  There is nothing to worry about as Penny is healthy and growing and that's all that matters. It makes me feel relieved too, all the worrying I did if Penny was getting enough milk was for nothing!