Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homemade Refrigerator Yum Yum Pickles

My Dad recently picked up like 50lbs of pickles (LOL re-read this and obviously this should read cucumbers) from the Hutterites to make his annual batch of extremely garlicky dill pickles.  I was lucky enough to get the damaged cucumbers.  Apparently no brown spots are allowed otherwise they will rot in the jar.  Not a problem for refrigerator pickles and less of a problem when I could cut them out while slicing for the yum yum style.  So I did a quick google search to find out if bread and butter pickles and yum yums were the same thing and there seems to be a bit of an argument on the forums but it looks to be just in the name...B&B - American and Yum Yums - Canadian.  Leave it to us Canadians to call pickles "Yum Yums", silly really but if I could describe them anyway it would have to be that. I followed this recipe exactly:

We all have our go to meals for those late dinners when we don't feel like cooking anything extrvagant or had a late lunch.  Mine are cereal, a fried egg sandwich with too much ketchup and "pickles, crackers, cheese and sausage" (and yes it's always a mouth full).  Another one is white rice with the left over pickle juice and a good amount of S&P.....call me crazy?!

After waiting the 24 hours for the pickles to pickle (umm?!?), the platter was prepared and ready for when Mr.Loonie got home from work.  But.......it ended up sitting in the fridge for 3 days! The first night we had takeout with my cousin who was in town, the next night I brought home leftover sushi from my dinner out with the girls (my 1st evening outing without Penny!) then the third night we went for dinner at my Dad's house.  At least you can say this platter can hold up in the fridge for awhile and if making for a party you can prepare way in advance.  So the truth is, I ended up packing most of it (what was left after random snacking) for Mr.Loonie's work lunch. Although delicious anywhere, I would still recommend enjoying these munchies on the couch watching True Blood on a Sunday evening.