Saturday, August 18, 2012

Caching in the 'Zac

To commemorate International Geocaching Day (well actually it was a fluke), our friend Scouter Ron (view his blogs here and here) and the 1st Anzac Scout Group organized the 1st Annual GEOCACHE Community Event aptly named “Caching in the Zac” to take place during Anzac Daze.  Anzac is a hamlet located approximately 50km south of Fort McMurray and has been holding Anzac Daze annually for quite a few years at their community hall.

There were three traditional caches and one bonus multi-cache set up for this event all located within the hamlet.  The first cache was just down a path from the Willow Lake Community Garden, the second one was close to the Gregoire Lake shore, the third was in the Anzac Cemetery.  The multi-cache was located around the Anzac baseball diamonds; we found the coordinates hidden in a tree, when punched into our GPS we were lead into the trees behind the outfield.

Anzac Daze#1 - Anzac Gardens
Anzac Daze#2 - Rest in Peace
Anzac Daze#3 - Lakeview

 Anzac Daze#4 - BONUS - Multi Cache
Oops - forgot to take a pic of the cache!
We started at 10am and found them all with one "first to find" by 12pm.   It is super easy and fun for us to strap on Penny and get out of the house on these nice summer days especially when there is such great swag and prizes.  Scouter Ron and the Scout group held a prize draw in the afternoon for those participants who found all the caches.  I guess we showed up late and our prize was given to the kids which is totally fine by us, we got wicked thermoses instead. So in between caching and the prize draw we went down to the Gregoire Lake Anzac day use area and had ourselves a picnic.  We had tuna pitas, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno dip and left over teryaki pork patties....yum. More picnics are definitely in order for the the rest of the summer since it is so simple with a baby. We had a blanket laid out for Mr.Loonie, Penny and I to sit on and Stryker laid next to us like such a good boy.  So thanks to the Scouts for getting the 3Strykes family out to enjoy your community!
Make sure to check out Anzac Daze next year..if geogaching isn't your thang they have lots of other activites to offer such as a kids carnival and bike parade and beer gardens and a dance for the adults.

Ooh and what's really cool is that we got our International Geocaching Day Souvenir today since we logged a found cache today, the Second Annual International Geocaching Day. Yay Team 3Strykes!