Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Grayling Tree Swing

I always had a dream of a tree swing in my yard, it just seemed like such a magical thing.  Just some wood, rope and the perfect tree could have made me a very happy little girl.  Unfortunately, the perfect tree didn't exist on any properties where I have lived but........I did find one in the park down the street!! Grayling Terrace has a quiet little park with old trees, the Hangingstone River and the most beautiful view of a tar sandy cliff just within walking distance from all the residences.  I have been eying this one tree...THE tree for a couple of years now and mentioning to Mr.Loonie in passing, "Wouldn't that be the perfect tree.....?".  He would respond with a "Yes, dear" every time.  Well finally I had enough with the "Yes, dear"s, I wanted some action. What actually triggered the feat was finding a roll of rope and the exact size of board needed in my Auntie's shed while she was packing up to move (insert sad face to the moving part).

So after attaching two U-Bolts to the board, googling the right knots to use (we went with a bowline knot) to attach to the branch, using a rock to throw the ropes over the branch and then knotting the ropes to the U-Bolts, we were in business!! We did have to go back a week later after some use and raise the seat, as the rope must have stretched. 

On hot summer days we always end our walks in this park to allow Stryker a dip in the river.  So now while he does his business, I get to swing away with a smile on my face!


  1. I've ssen that swing!