Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cleaning the Microfiber Sofas

Look at those before pictures, pretty gross right? Well that is what our microfiber sofa looked like after 4 years of wear.  I have done some light spot scrubbing with a wet rag before but never a serious clean.  I kept seeing a pin on Pinterest popping up on how to clean a microfiber couch with isopropynol, sounds risky doesn't it?  I thought so, but after Penny was born I got desperate, I did not want her lying on this nasty couch of ours.  The pin linked to this blog.

While Penny was settled in her crib for a long nap, I quickly got to work since the blog warned that  the odour can be pretty intense but it doesn't linger long. So I just followed the instructions using a clean white sponge, isopropynol in a spray bottle and clean white bristle brush.  Oh, and I won't forget my hulk arm, holy shit..do you ever have to scrub long and hard.  This job was not easy, I was sweating up a storm.  I needed to take a few breaks to catch a breather from both the smell and the pain I was in!! 
The area which was really tough was the seams, I still don't think it came out perfect but still a whole lot better than it was.


After spraying and scrubbing, the areas still look wet but they dry up quick (which is the reason behind the isopropynol and not water).  After it dries, it's time for the bristle brush to smooth out and blend the areas which were cleaned.  I am not 100% satisfied with this method but it works good enough without paying for a steam cleaner, which I am not even sure would work.  I am already planning on doing another spot cleaning where Penny has had a few spit ups.


Make sure to refer to the original blog linked for the step by step procedure and FAQs.


  1. Yeah, it’s not really a smooth finish. Maybe you’d like to try a technique my sister found on Pinterest. Simply spray the couch surface with alcohol and then proceed to scrubbing it with a scrub brush. Alcohol evaporates quickly, so I would suggest you do it in sections. Then scrub it with a dry scrub brush. You’ll see that it’ll fluff your couch back. ;]

  2. This set looks really good when it's put together and the assembly isn't too onerous. I was very pleased with delivery time and the end result. But I would recommend that anyone with indoor pets think twice about ordering these as the microfiber does tend to be difficult to rid of fur.

  3. Its a great sofa for a great small sofa price. The company that sold/shipped it was a bit of a hassle. The product came in 3 separate boxes with 3 separate tracking numbers. Somehow the boxes got lost through shipping but after 2 weeks after anticipated arrival date, they arrived.

    Quality and comfort is a 5 star compared to pricing. It fits nicely in a small apartment with a small living room. Some reviews claim the cushions are brick like, that is absolutely not true. The firmness of the cushions are just right for support. Installation took about 2-3 people in about a little over an hour. I am satisfied with my purchase.