Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Best Mommy App - My365

When your friends start unfriending you on Facebook and unfollowing you on Instagram, you may have become an annoying mommy.  We know you think you're baby is the cutest baby ever but you don't need to remind us every two hours!  #youmaybebiased

I started to go a little overboard on Instagram too, it's hard not to with all the cool effects and filters. I have found the perfect solution though, it's an iphone app called my365 (I swear they are not paying me to endorse their app - I wish).  As you can see from the snapshots below it is organized by calendar month which allows me to post a picture everyday of my growing babes.  I can even add a title and a comment for when something note worthy happens like Penny rolling over or Grandma is coming to town.  The comments I make also help me keep track of things like when Penny decided to become allergic to sleep...just for the record it has almost been a month now! The past few nights she has been waking every hour again. #lordhelpme

Anyways, check out the app if you are worried of losing some don't have to worry about family members though, they love a constant baby update.  Another tip is getting your baby their own facebook account.  We did this for Penny so I can upload a crap load of pictures without bombarding my "friends" wall. 


  1. awww i just love penny :) I will have to come visit you guys soon. and a snowshoeing date should also happen in the near future!

  2. We always look forward to your visits!