Monday, November 12, 2012

The Easiest Weeknight Dinner - Fish Taco

Have you ever survived on cereal, yogurt and crackers for a week straight? I have.  It happens every 21 days when Mr. Loonie starts his night shift cycle for 7 nights.  Once in awhile I cook supper for him to take to work but not very often since it has to be ready by four in the afternoon and I just have too much going on.......;). Most of the time Mr. Loonie yells from upstairs "I DON'T NEED A LUNCH! This is when I know he will be eating egg salad sandwiches and cookies the guys living in camp brings in or all the night shift guys have a big greasy meal planned like double bacon cheeseburgers or triple meat/cheese bacon lasagna.  All the stuff their wives won't allow them at home.  And the wives say, "I don't know why you are gaining weight honey, you eat so healthy!" (Insert hubby's guilty face here).  
So the point is...when I do get my shit together and crave something a bit more like a real meal somewhat on the healthy side, this easy fish taco is a go to. It can be adjusted to any type of ethnic cuisine you feel like or the ingredients you have on hand. The combinations are endless really. Asian with maybe some cabbage, cilantro, green onions and sweet chili sauce. Or Indian with mango chutney and a curry mayo/yogurt. Or Mexican with black beans, corn and salsa. I went with kind of a Japanese take with avocado mayonnaise and cabbage. All it takes is:
  • Baked fish sticks
  • Whatever veggies you have - I had cabbage, yellow peppers, cilantro and green onions
  • A sauce - I did a mashed avocado mixed with mayo 
  • Squeeze of citrus
  • Tortilla or wrap - I love the whole wheat Weight Watchers wraps - they are small enough to have two!
**Just cleaning up the grout today and applying the grout sealer tonight.  Almost soon!


  1. yummmmm i love fish tacos! in the least lesbian way possible :)