Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dreaming of a Banquette

The perfect corner for a banquette?!? I think so!!
I've always loved banquettes they just seem so inviting.  Who wouldn't want a cozy little spot to curl up into to read the morning paper (or check facebook on the iphone) while drinking a cup of coffee.  I've come to realize during my extra time at home that I really have the perfect kitchen for it, I just have to get rid of the cart, garbage can and spice cabinet.  Easier said then done but I can make it happen with a little kijiji selling and organization.

**Mr.Loonie just looked in while I was writing in this post and he thinks the idea of a banquette is stupid because the kitchen looks "wicked" as is.  Also, that I should enjoy my morning coffee on the couch like every other normal person. Men.....what do they know?! The only thing he knows is that building the banquette goes on his "honey do" list and cuts out on whatever he does like playing with his computer and car.

It wouldn't be that hard to build though just two long rectangular boxes with the top on hinges for storage and custom bench cushions.  Perhaps some trim, white paint and throw cushions to fancy it up abit. A cute round little table and chair would also be needed too. EASY! ;)

Another reason for wanting a kitchen eating area is for when Penny starts solids in a month.  I could use her high chair or just the bumbo for quick morning feeds instead of hauling everything to the dining table in the other room.  She could make as much mess as her little heart desired.

Here are some banquette ideas I've been pinning on Pinterest:

Love the wall opening to the front door - same layout as our house! It could be done!

Gorgeous, love the trim.

Love the area rug, round table and wicker!

A touch to modern but love the layout and the windows

Easy bench cushions.  Not liking the long table though.

Wish me luck.........


  1. Where would the garbage can go.. a large garbage can is a vital part to a working kitchen.