Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sleep Regression......huh?

This past week has been hell on the sleeping front.  Apparently we are going through the four month sleep regression stage.  I had never heard of this before until I stumbled upon it while Googling "WHY IS MY BABY UP EVERY 45 MINUTES??!" I was seriously going crazy.  Unfortunately the regression starting happening at the same time I thought it would be a good idea to "sleep train" and transition Penny to the crib since she was only getting up once a night.  I was struggling on what type of sleep training to even do with her.  Did I want her to cry out or the more gentler approaches of frequently popping in to console her if she fussed or even staying in the room until she fell asleep.  Nothing was working, she would not go to sleep unless she was lying next to me in bed with my boob in her mouth.  I thought I was in the beginning of years of a needy co-sleeping child and I was starting to question my ability as a mom.  I even cried to the lady at the infant massage class Penny and I went to....the extra sensitivity was probably a result of the lack of sleep. Even when Penny would fall back asleep for her next short "nap" I would end up laying there awake waiting for the next get up.  I swear I was going bonkers, it didn't help Mr.Loonie was on night shift so there was no subbing in on Penny duty, it was all me. I was just a little stressed until a friend on facebook posted this article ( coincidentally at the most perfect time.  It made me realize Penny is too young to be strict.  There was obviously something wrong in her little mind or body for her to be up so often and she must need her mommy.  I just needed to be there for her without worrying about the damage I may be doing because really we are not doing any.

Sleep Routine

I had no idea what was going on though....the first thing we thought was teething because of the hot red cheeks. But Penny is just too overtired, she just doesn't want to sleep.  There was no napping in the day even.  What I learned from reading about sleep regression is that she just can't shut that little brain of hers down,  she is going through a developmental milestone trying to process all that information and experiences from the day.  All she can get through is one sleep cycle at a time (45-90 minutes) and then needs my help to get back down. Good thing it doesn't take long just a quick snuggle or nurse but it still means an interrupted sleep all night.  And to think I was trying to do this for 3 nights while "sleep training", running back and forth to the crib.....not smart. Now that she is back in bed with us, the nights are a little more peaceful and less stressful.  So hopefully this doesn't last too long, from what I've read it is supposed to be only 2-3 weeks.

Since discovering what was actually going on, we are on a strict bedtime routine.  7:00pm at the latest we are in quiet play mode with the lights dim and the t.v. off. It has seemed to help a bit, only time will improve her habits even further. The only way out of this stage is through it!

Until the next regression at 9 months.......