Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Everything!!

As any smart girl would do, I did whatever Ryan Gosling told me to (Isn't he the sexiest guy ever?  What is it about this guy?! He just oozes smooth).  No one has to tell me twice to chalk board paint something.  It has been quite a craze for awhile and I don't question why.  It is seriously the perfect solution for organizing and even without anything drawn on, it is the perfect shade of matte black 

My new chalk pens which were in my stocking this year also inspired me to get crafty.  They are awesome! They look like a paint pen and wipe off chalkboard super easy.  No more chalk dust, smudges and dry fingers.  And, finally we won't have to worry about rubbing the chalkboard wall at our back door, our jackets are always covered in pink and purple chalk....Mr.Loonie loves it. :/

So on a Monday night when Pen Pen was in bed, it was Mommy time to do some evening crafting.  I first covered a ceramic "biscotti" jar I received for Christmas.  Not exactly sure what I will use it for but it needed a makeover.  Maybe flour?

Next was a old digital frame gifted to all the employees at a company Christmas party, it had the company's logo stamped on the bottom...yuck.  Now I can write something cheesy like, "Memories".  We'll see....

**Ended up in the garbage! Haha Turned out it wasn't working**

Finally I covered a few mason jar lids just for labeling purposes.  We store our ground up beans and other essentials in a mason jars and keep them out in the open so I thought it would be cute.

What do you Chalkboard paint?