Saturday, January 12, 2013

December Via Filter

Between Instagram and My365, I filter a lot of pictures.  December is all about the holiday season which means too much junk food, rotten teeth (yes, I eat too much sugar), the fireplace channel, presents and visiting with friends and family.  We headed south this year as it was Mr.Loonie's year.  We alternate every year between our families; they were the lucky ones this year since it was Penny's first Christmas.  She was nothing short of adorable either.  She loved ripping the paper off her gifts to eat.  That's the way it went.  Rip off a big piece, put it in the mouth, mommy take it away and repeat. Pretty much everything was in the mouth this month because of the arrival of two little chicklets on the bottom. The days and nights were rough because of it but I think she is finally over the initial pain as they are half up now and so cute! I love her little toothy smile, so grown up!
Surpisingly Pen Pen didn't cry for Santa! She even smiled a little bit.  Christmas visiting was a little different.  The frequent change of location was hard on her especially since she is in the height of separation anxiety.  It took almost a whole day for her to get used to the new faces which left only a short happy visit before moving on to the next place.  I don't know who was more upset though, Aunties and Grandmas or Penny! All they wanted to do was hug her to pieces but she wasn't having it! (for very long anyway).
Penny's First Christmas
December also saw the completion of Penny's first swimming lessons.  The first picture in her little snow suit and swimming bag was right after a lesson and she was exhausted. All she wanted was a little boob and bed!   Travelling for the holidays means that we have to drive the dreaded highway 63.  Luckily the roads were dry and clear, even Penny drove for a bit (kidding!).  What else....

  • I got a mom hair cut - from past the shoulders to well...short
  • We finished the bathroom reno! I will dedicate a whole post to it soon.  I 'm so proud of Mr.Loonie, he did an awesome job on the wainscoting.
  • We started baby-led solids which means we are skipping purees and Penny feeds herself chunks or wedges of food.
  • My MIL was up visiting and I actually got to have a couple of drinks....cranberry mojitos!
  • We are still in sleep hell.
  • Penny is on the go....trying desperatley to crawl and pulling herself up on everything.

Also, the cold snap finally broke in December after months of consistent below -20°C weather.  We set anything colder than -20°C as too cold for Penny and her sensitive baby skin so on days Mr.Loonie was working, Stryker was stuck moping around the house.  When the milder weather finally came, we broke out our second hand 80's coloured chariot and hit the Hangingstone river.  I was amazed at how well the big tires rolled on the path marked by snowmobiles on the river.  I even bushwhacked with it through some treed side paths, surprisingly it can plow through shin deep snow pretty damn good. Good thing there is a seat belt and a plastic windshield which snaps down and protects Penny from the wind and any branches...oh and Stryker licks too.  She usually falls asleep in the little cocoon pretty quick probably because she is so warm with 2 layers of clothes underneath her snow suit and 2 blankets.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! From the Loonie family with love. :)