Friday, January 11, 2013

No-Brainer: G.O.G

I saw this idea on Steven and Chris (Canadian talk show - my daily vice) a few days back and I had one of those "DUH, Why didn't I think of that??" moments.  It's just TOO simple that's why and I love to over complicate things! It's no secret that I'm kinda a cheapskate so the idea of buying minced garlic or ginger in the jar is out of question.  They are seriously way too expensive and most of the time lacking flavor and strength these aromatics possess.  When you make your own mixture, prepare to have your socks blown off or maybe burnt off by your dragon breath (Whoa oh..your socks are on fire!).  Holy Shitballs, it is strong. When Mr.Loonie came home last night from work and saw the concoction he had to have a try...he was a little surprised at G.O.G's power.  What's even funnier is Penny stuck her tongue in her daddy's mouth soon after and broke out into tears, maybe a little too strong for her tastes! The french kiss is her new try and give her a little smooch and she tries to slip ya the tongue.  Freaky lil' girl she is...takes after her mama I guess. ;)

So the recipe is simple, the chef on the show recommended 40/20/40:Ginger/Onion/Garlic but you could do it anyway you like.  With or without any of the three.  With all three it is the perfect combo and starting point for any Asian and Indian recipe.  As for the method, there is nothing to it.  All you need is a food processor or blender to puree your combo to whatever consistency you desire.  I didn't have to add any liquid but you may need to add a tablespoon or so just to get it all going.  You could use water, lemon/lime juice or maybe a vinegar   Another good thing to note is this mixture can be stored in the fridge in a non-reactive container such as glass for weeks without any worry of bacteria growth for a long time.  If you add oil, be careful as the storage time decreases significantly.

So stop wasting your money and make your own jar!!


  1. haha i love your remark about penny and her french kissing habit! Too cute.

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