Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This DIY project has been brought to you by the letter...P!

When we first got pregnant, we decided that no matter what name we decide on we will keep it a secret until she is born to avoid judgement from friends and family. I didn't want their opinions to sway us on a name we really loved. After Penny topped our list for sometime and my blog name just came to me without much thought, there wasn't much point hiding our love for the name.  Since the blog has been up and running, people have been asking if Penny is really the name we are going with, at first I beat around the bush a bit saying it was just for the blog but in the end I would usually fess up. Most people like it but we do get the occasional "ohhhh, that's nice" comment with the totally obvious lying face.  It is actually pretty hilarious, people are not good at hiding their true feelings.

So....with this post there should be no questions about it..........Penny is her name..........maybe! ;p

I started with a P from Wal-Mart, a hot glue gun and twine (left over from our wedding party decor).

Wrap the P with twine securing with hot glue as you go. Some areas will need two layers so that all the white it covered up. There really isn't a method except keep the amount of cuts you make to a minimum to have long consistent lines. 

Next up is a ribbon flower.  I searched etsy.com for inspiration and found this type of flower the easiest to make. 
  • Cut four pieces of ribbon the same length, glue the end of each piece together to close the loop.
  • Layer loops in alternating directons and glue in between to secure loops together.
  • Push down and glue in between each layer (inside the loops).
  • Glue a matching button to the middle of the flower.
  • Glue on finished flower to the letter.


 Currently the P is hanging on Penny's bedroom door, I'm not sure if it will stay there or end up being hung in her room.  But for right now I love walking by knowing soon enough, it really will be HER room!


  1. Beautiful name and fabulous DIY...it's absolutely gorgeous.


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  3. I spelled your wrong... so I deleted my comment. Oops.

    I like your name, and you're very crafty - that was the general feeling of the previous comment that I didn't preview before hitting publish. Sheesh.