Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Bathroom Organize: Earrings and Bobby Pins

While cleaning out my "getting ready room" for the nursery transformation, I realized I was hoarding a shit load of lotions, makeup and jewelry. Most of it was expired and nasty....and was either wrapped up in hairballs (mostly my own) and/or covered in leaky creams, oils, dust, etc.  Please tell me I am not as disgusting as it seems........

The main washroom is the new home for all such things, therefore it needed some organization.  The bobby pin idea was one of the first things I ever pinned on pinterest, and what a great idea it is! For only a $4 adhesive magnetic strip from the dollar store stuck to the back of the cabinet door, it is the perfect solution.  

The ice cube tray took some "earring organization" searching on pinterest.  I love how each earring set is individually seperated for easy access that requires no digging around in a dark bottomless bag! The trays can also hold other small items such as rings or pendants.  I used 4 trays stacked 2 and 2 but took the top two off for the purpose of the photo.  

Hopefully these ideas are useful to you too! :)