Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dad's Sweet and Sour Spareribs

There are a handful of Sunday dinners that I could not live with out and this is one of them, this recipe is the definition of comfort food for me.  While my brother and I were growing up, the recipe card was a mess due to the fact that we were bottomless pits! The ingredient measurements were continously scratched out and new outrageous portions were scribbled in. I was hoping to find the original recipe card in the box but it has since been re-written. The amount of spareribs needed isn't clear but I would double the amount of meat I had in the pan for the amount of sauce this makes.  Or just cut the sauce down by 1/4 (if you like a lot of sauce..and who doesn't) or by a 1/2.  

Dad's S&S Spareribs

STEP 1: Brown ribs in a tbsp of oil and sprinkle with flour, place into oven safe dish or dutch oven.

STEP 2: Combine the following in pot on a low-medium heat:

3/4 c      soy sauce
5 tsp      salt
2 1/2 c   cold water
3/4 c      vinegar
1 c         sugar
5 tbsp     cornstarch (mix in small cup with a bit of water and whisk into pot, it will start to        
              thicken but will continue in the oven)

STEP 3: Pour sauce over ribs and bake with lid on @ 350 for approximately 1.5 hours or until meat is separating from bones.



Ooops forgot the vinegar in the pic!


Serve on white or fried rice...YUM!


  1. these r delicious ribs as i used to make them as Gramms showed me way back when!