Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Spring!!!!

It's everyone's favorite time of year.....the sun is shining, daily temperatures are no longer negative, the sun hangs around for the evening and people just feel good! I look forward to walks with Stryker in our little neighborhood, people are smiling while walking with a friend, working in their yard, washing their car or playing street hockey (those boys have been waiting all winter for this)! Whatever we are all doing, we are just happy to be outside!! All the photos below are taken within a kilometer from our house and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting.
Tulips in the window
Bella planning her escape after a long cooped up winter.
Best buds watching the snow melt.
It was a LOOOOOONG winter....we swear he didn't have gray hair in the fall!
28 week baby bump.
Surfing the icebergs on the Hangingstone River.
Hangingstone River melt.
Boys and their street hockey........"CAR!!!"
The park is melting....
Green grass and blue skies.