Friday, April 13, 2012

The "Stink Bomb"

The "Stink Bomb".  WTF is it really? Does it even stink? As kids, when we found these nasty little bundles of fungi spores, it turned out to be a recipe for revenge! You could either try and pick it very carefully to throw at your sibling (fart-sack little brother) or wait until he/she came near to kick it so it explodes and you disappear like a magician!
Mr.Loonie and I found these extra large mutated "bombs" in a field by our house last night, unfortunately we love each other too much and didn't sabotage one another.  We are old and boring, I know.

After many google searches, the real identity of the "Stink Bomb" is still a mystery.  Someone, please help! My inner environmental nerd, is dying to know the species and family they belong to!


  1. These are mushrooms, when they are fresh you can eat them, they look like white golf balls of deliciousishness!! But when they rot, they turn brown and go hollow and when you squish them they puff dirty smoke, we used to call them puff balls.

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