Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painting Penny's Room

Like I said before, picking a flippin' paint colour is difficult! For weeks we had at least 10 paint chips taped up on the wall in the white, pink and orangey-coral family; there was even a couple of aqua chips, just for something different but Mr. Loonie did not want it feeling like a hospital :/. We checked out how the colours looked in all possible lighting conditions....sunny, cloudy, morning, afternoon, evening, lamp on, lamp off, etc. I knew I wanted the room bright and fresh but I didn't like any of the whites or light coloured samples we had so you know what I did? I went down to Rona, grabbed a book of whites and picked the colour which looked the most white to me. So yah, after all that I just went and picked a colour from a book.....craaaaazy! Luckily, it all worked out...

Mr. Loonie patched, sanded and primed the walls before the new colour went up. The before colour was a mauvy purple (it looks really light in the below photo to the left - have a look at this post which shows a better representation of the purple).



I chose Refreshing White from Rona's Expressions line, it ended up having a pink tinge to it allowing the dressers and trim to have some contrast against the wall. To clean up the baseboards and trim I did a quick coat using just basic white straight from the can. 

The closet also had a makeover since the doors were already out for the frosting project. The shelf was a wood veneer/ particle board combo and the plastic brackets had aged an ancient yellow.  Mr. Loonie tried taking out the shelf but it was not moving out of its 30 year home; the years of paint had sealed it in tight.  We ended up protecting the walls with newspaper flyers and spray painting it all a clean white.

Now to get the last bit of trim up around the door and the frosted closet doors in (the 2nd method worked - post coming soon!) 
Ooooh.....the crib and rocking chair (both Kijiji finds) were delivered this weekend by Loonie family members after a Edmonton weekend trip. They are amazing!