Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

After many searches for baby mobiles, I couldn't decide on anything I liked.  They all seemed to be plastic, pastel and some kind of farm animal arrangement.....not my idea of fascinating. I wanted Penny to experience colour and texture!! So that began the search for a DIY project and tissue pom poms was the answer. There are many tutorials out there in the blogosphere, but here is my own version for my dedicated readers ;)

STEP 1: Stack 8 tissue paper sheets and cut a bit of the long end, so you end up with a sphere rather than a football (unless you want that shape).

STEP 2: Fold accordion style, with approximately 1 1/2 inch folds. Crease with each fold.

STEP 3: Twist a piece of floral wire (I used a garbage bag twist tie) around the center. Feed a piece of wire/ribbon/fishing line under the center tie; this will be used to hang your pom pom so make sure it is long enough. Trim the ends of the tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.  You can also choose your size of pom pom here by cutting more or less off the ends.

STEP 4: Fan out each side and separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.

STEP 4: Hang in an arrangement and admire!

P.S. Don't let bad kitties near pom poms!