Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY Crib Skirt

When I first found out we were having a girl, I spent hours searching for the most perfect bedding set on Etsy but they all hovered around the $300 mark! This seemed a little pricey to me for the bumper, crib skirt and only one crib sheet, like what good is one sheet?! And I am not sure on the whole bumper issue yet either.  For now, I have decided on no bumper, cheap sheets from Wal-Mart and a DIY crib skirt!

This total project cost approximately $25 (inc. gst)! The 2 yards of fabric was ordered from Etsy for $22 (inc. shipping) and the Velcro strips were $2 from the dollar store.  I had a package of heat bond tape at home already but I am sure that only costs a few bucks too.

Note: If you are doing all 4 sides of the crib, you may need an extra yard. 

I followed the crib skirt tutorial video by Young House Love. 

STEP 1: Measure the widths and heights (width inside the legs and height from the mattress board to floor). Cut your fabric to the correct measurements allowing an extra inch or so for the hem on three of the sides.  No hem is needed at the top, where it will be velcroed to the crib.

STEP 2: Iron down a straight hem on the three sides (ignore my sad excuse for an ironing board - tupperware lid and towel).

STEP 3: Place heat bond tape along the inside of ironed hem. (Please ignore the shitty pics taken with my blackberry - I was too lazy to waddle downstairs to get the camera!)

STEP 3: Fold the hem back over and seal the heat bond tape with the iron (the package instructions said to have a damp cloth between the fabric and iron and for the iron to be set on "wool").

STEP 4: Stick one side of the velcro along the top of the mattress board and the other side of velcro along the fabric's underside so that it matches up. Repeat for all 3 sides. As baby grows and the mattress lowers, we can add another row of velcro on the skirt to adjust to the new height!

AND VOILA! How simple is that??

Notice the kick ass vintagey looking crib I got from Kijiji for only $120!? This price also included the mattress and matching change table.


  1. This is so,so how I imagined Penny's room to be shaping up!
    Let me know if you want to sew some curtains when you're down - my sewing machine is still set up from quilting!

    1. Thanks Heather, my Grandma and I already sewed up a shade, I will be posting pics soon! And I really want to get into quilting, we must talk about this!