Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Main Bathroom Progress

So the main bathroom reno has been progressing pretty slowly but with all things considered (Mr. Loonie's work shift, road trips, delayed delivery times of our orders and our friend's help limited to the weekends), it hasn't been too bad.  Let's first have a look at the old cabinets in the process of being removed.  Note the lovely pink paint, at least the pink walls and blue counter top matched the linoleum the previous owners (or maybe even original owners) chose.

One modification that had to be made was to the second drawer on the left to accommodate the pipes and valves shown in the picture above.  All Mr. Loonie and his dad had to do was shorten the drawer depth.

After the mirror and cabinets were out there was a lot of mudding and sanding to be done. This took quite a bit of time as it always does. 

Some wall repair also had to be done up the stairs from when the shower wall was brought in.  The architects were absolutely brain dead when they designed this house.  We have the most narrowest stair case with the sharpest corners.  We couldn't even get a queen size box spring up the stairs when we moved in, thank god the previous owners left theirs which was probably brought in through a window!

We chose "grilled sardine" by Benjamin Moore's Origin collection available at Crappy Tire.  


Cabinets, bath, sink and counter tops
Lights installed (Martha Stewart Seal Harbor Collection from Home Depot)
Wall painted (sorta)

Left to do: 
  • Sand, mud, prime and paint a few rough spots that were noticed after painting.
  • Fix a few electrical issues
  • Install mirror
  • Install hardware on cabinets (I am thinking something like this)
  • Tile floor
  • Install wainscoting and trim
  • Silicone counter tops, ceiling paint line, baseboards and trim. 
  • Decorate and Accessorize! (the best part)
Feels like it will take forever but it will get done!