Monday, May 14, 2012

Geocaching Sunday - Mother's Day

Sorry for the short break! Mr.Loonie, Stryker and I have been busy.  We drove across the province for Mr. Loonie's grandmother's beautiful memorial.  It was a sad day but we were happy to celebrate her life and visit family from all over the country.  My preggo body couldn't take the hours of sitting involved in the long drive so we broke it up and took our time geocaching! We found 22 caches but didn't find 4, not too bad.  I will do a picture summary of our trip this week. 
The main bathroom reno is still in the works when Mr.Loonie is not working.  The tub, shower wall, counter top, cabinets and sink are in.  Mr. Loonie is on his third and final mud and sanding round so we should be able to paint this week.  An update post will be coming soon.  
The in-laws were in our neck of the woods this weekend.  The father in law helped with the bathroom reno and played his game ;) And the mother in law attended my family baby shower, and kept herself busy as always.  On Sunday Mr. Loonie treated us to Mother's day breakfast, a shoe shopping trip and a nice afternoon geocache (picture above).
I finished work up last Thursday so I am now officially on mat leave!! We are on the 6 week countdown to baby Penny's due date and I feel like I have so much to do. I have made a list and look forward to crossing things of the list but many backyard reading days will be squeezed in there too.  More blogging is definitely on the list so stay tuned!

 - Mrs.Loonie