Monday, February 27, 2012

Lining Penny's Drawers

My favorite decorating blog that I have been reading for years and still check on a daily basis is Young House Love. They have turned their love of DIY, design and blogging into a full time career, I would envy them but their lives recently turned crazy busy with a little girl and a book deal. For their baby girl's room they too refinished a dresser but then continued to pimp it out by lining the dresser drawers in adorable craft paper.  I followed their tutorial to do the same.  Unlike them I used cheap ass wrapping paper from the dollar store instead of heavy weight craft paper because I couldn't resist the orange and yellow polka dots that looked like it was destined to line the drawers.  I did end up with quite a bit of wrinkles in the paper even with my best attempts to smooth it out. At first I got frustrated but decided to carry on, Penny will know they were made with love.

STEP 1: Wash drawers out, they were full of dust from sanding.

STEP 2: Cut paper to size.  Mr.Loonie had the smart idea of cutting the paper rolls to the width of the drawers so all I had to do was unravel the length needed into the drawer and cut with an x-acto knife.

STEP 3: Apply a thin layer of Matte Modge Podge (available at Wal-Mart) using a foam brush.

STEP 4: Lay down paper starting at one end and smooth out the best you can using whatever tool that works. (Sorry for the shit instructions here, I have yet to master it).  Let dry overnight.

STEP 5: Apply another thin layer of Modge Podge on top of the paper (I did 2 coats).


Oh Bella....Y U SO CURIOUS?!?


  1. Very cute cousin Loonie. Dresser is fabulous! Congrats on your blog.

  2. Nice work! LOL - Bella is precious. Nothing like the curiousity of a cat! :D xoxo