Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Adventures of Stryker - February 28, 2012

So my lovely Stryker decided to run away on our walk tonight - this is not uncommon; Mr. Loonie even has a tracker made up for him using an old iphone, ipod arm band and dog harness.  Tonight, I decided he wouldn't need it because we were only going to go on a little walk.  Well was I wrong, he sniffed out a treat only a few minutes from our house and went running.  This is what he came home with an hour later.....

Update (March 1, 2012):  Mr.Loonie took the head on a walk yesterday morning and left him hanging in a tree.  Hopefully the birds and the worms clean him up nice so we can pick him up in the sping to hang in our yard.  Reminder to self: Use this website to identify poor deery boy's age: http://www.timberwolfinformation.org/info/deerjaw/basics.htm


  1. Crazy! I wonder if anyone saw him walking home with his present.

    1. Haha That's what we were wondering. If anyone did they were probably scared there was a wild wolf in the area!