Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a girl!

Our little Penny will be born in approximately 17 weeks, so my "pregnancy tracker" BlackBerry app tells me.  Mr.Loonie and I could not be happier, we are "OVER THE MOON" with joy and excitement (this is what celebrities always say in their press releases when they get engaged, married, pregnant, deliver, get through rehab, etc., etc.).  One gossip website I read had a counter going for awhile, which of course I can't find right now but I swear it's true.  So I figure that since my internet life pretty much revolves around celebrity gossip websites, I am allowed to say what they would.

Once in awhile I do branch my internet searches off to DIY projects, recipes, "mommy blogs" and local news.  And what would the first two be without PINTEREST!! Best website eva!! (if you need an invite let me know - I can hook you up!) I am sure most of the projects and food I make will be started based on inspiration I gathered from cruising endlessly but most will be an exact replica - let's be real here.  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to pull something out of my ass hat (lol...asshat) and create something original.

Penny in the Oven - 20 weeks

Please join me in my adventures of becoming a stay at home mom to our little Penny princess and the fur babies (Stryker and Bella).  At least stay for the embarrassing will be funny I promise.  You might even learn something, even it is something you shouldn't do!

I warn you (well the men out there) that the majority of posts in the next few months will be about preparing for Penny and decorating her colourful nursery.  I promise to throw in some posts about anything else, just to keep you around.