Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm Back.....I hope! (A Year of Changes)

It has almost been a year since I have blogged and just over one year since we have moved into this house which means a lot of changes.  One notable change is the addition of our little man, Nolan Archer.  We welcomed him March 10, 2014 weighing in at 9lbs 9oz! It was a long, rough and cold pregnant winter. In the end it was all worth it for the most amazing home birth of our son. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life to have our midwives assist in a water birth in our own bath tub and just to have their support throughout and after my pregnancy.

We can't forget about Penny! She is two in less than a month and is one independent, caring, talkative and energetic munchkin.  She loves her baby brother so much that most of my day is spent protecting him from her hugs and kisses aka baby mauling.

We do have some sad news too.....we have lost both our beloved pets, Stryker and Bella.

Bella disappeared in the fall.  She went outside one night and never came back.  We are guessing it was a coyote but Mr.Loonie likes to think it was the great horned owl who lives down here.

As for Stryker, our big silly guy, we lost him this past April to the North Saskatchewan River.  During his daily walk he decided to chase some canadian geese out to the river's melting ice edge and slipped off. The current was just too much for him and was swept away.  It was a hard couple weeks but we like to think that he left us being his wild self and not aging in pain.  He was 13 years old and suffering with arthritis and starting to pee in the house. This summer has not been the same without him, we really miss walking and camping with him.

As for the house, we got quite a bit accomplished despite being pregnant and a toddler running around.  I will be backtracking from the beginning to update our progress up to now with random posts in between.


  1. Ohh. Your poor pets :(

  2. My favourite blogger is back, yay!!

    Your pet stories made me teary:'( Such a loss. Can't wait to read more about your babies and the renos. The last pic is a great visual (babies and renos - I would prob need something stronger than beer haha).

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