Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Main Floor Half Bath Makeover

The first main half bath makeover was courtesy of moi, hence the horrible job.  The first paint colour (mustardy colour where mirror used to be), was painted when the main floor was painted (the main floor is still the same colour - and I like it).  It never looked good and it was just too much of the same colour on one floor so one evening a few years back I picked out a blue and went to town.  I can't believe I was lazy enough to paint around the mirror especially because it was only held into place by a few clips.  It is hard to tell from the pics but the walls were in AWFUL shape, there were holes and rough spots from old hooks, pictures and shelves, and a poor patch job of a door handle hole.

After I painted the bathroom blue, we changed the light fixture, the sink, faucet and the cabinet counter top to the same pattern/colour we chose to replace the old kitchen counter tops with. The silicone line at the top of the bathroom counter top was half the reason to paint, it was....what's another word for awful?!

I decorated with IKEA art, and a shelf above the toilet holding spray painted candles, Mr. Loonie thought this was ridiculous and would not let me live it down!  It was time for a change!! Check out the before shots........

Look at the extreme amount of mudding Mr. Loonie did to smooth out the walls!!

So.....I have to admit my mistake just to keep it real.  At first I chose Benjamin Moore's Bone, I painted one coat and almost vomited.  I thought a neutral colour would freshen the small space up, but nope, it turned out to be a yellow, pukey, depressing shade of shit.

Does this paint chip look the same colour as the walls below? NOOOO! WTF?!

Round 2: Second colour chosen was another Benjamin Moore colour, Bayou Marsh.  I have to say BM's Origin line newly available at Canadian Tire is a little pricey (approx. $50/gallon) but totally worth it.  It is the most smoothest and thickest paint I have ever used. The coverage after one coat was amazing, I just did two for good measure. 

This colour is fairly similar to the original blue but with a tinge of green in it.  Definitely a marshy shade.  So, I am loving the outcome, everything looks so fresh! I also repainted all the trim and baseboards to help clean things up.

For accessories...I used an antique mirror, stolen from another wall in the house and basket's screwed to the wall for storage.  Under the sink is where we store all the cleaning supplies, so we needed a place for toilet paper and toiletries used to freshen up when we're too lazy to run up stairs.


For the art, I printed off free botanical prints using the website provided by this blog and used some old frames I had purchased years ago from Michael's.  

All in all, this update cost $130 but should have been $80. $100 for two cans of paint (my stupid mistake).  And, $30 for the set of 3 nesting baskets (the third largest basket will be used in Penny's room for the change table).